New Activity
Play Fill in the Blanks Game
The Metropolitan Area Express ( MAX ) rail system seamlessly transitions from inter - city ____________________ to intra - city commuter rail and remains best ____________________ of transport anywhere .
Like most ____________________ transit , TriMet shuts down for the night . Many people who work or revel at night live beyond the core of downtown , and TriMet's ____________________ early closing time is a real ____________________ . The MAX stops at midnight , but those living beyond walking ____________________ of a station face a long walk or a ____________________ ride .
Another problem is many ____________________ simply do not pay to ride because the stations are open and fare ____________________ rare . It also isn't unusual to see people simply wave an ____________________ ticket in the general direction of the driver as they get on . There are even ____________________ ticket rings , but who needs them when the ticket you bought last week will probably do the job . It would be interesting to know what fare ____________________ and expired tickets cost the system .
The coolest way of coming down of the hills is the ____________________ Tram . Just imagine how fast it is when you don't have to spend time ____________________ in the ____________________ on the narrow roads down the hill . Moreover , ____________________ down you can us the ____________________ waiting for you there !