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Several words in the English language have their roots in Greek mythology . The word ? narcissism ? is one such ____________________ . Its meaning is connected to a ____________________ figure named Narcissus .
In one version of the story , Narcissus was the child of the river god Cephissus and the beautiful goddess , Liriope . Feeling ____________________ about her handsome young son's future , Liriope went to visit a fortune - teller , who made a mysterious ____________________ concerning her child . She ____________________ that Narcissus would grow to a ripe old age only if he never got to know himself . As the years passed , the youthful Narcissus grew more and more ____________________ . Many of his peers ____________________ in love with Narcissus's good looks and athletic body . He never got ____________________ with anyone , though , because he was more interested in his own ____________________ . Then , one day Narcissus glimpsed his ____________________ in a pool of water . For the first time , he fell in love ? but it was with his own image . Narcissus couldn't stop ____________________ at his beautiful reflection . After going without food and water for a long while , Narcissus ____________________ died from thirst and hunger .
Today , the word ? narcissism ? is used to ____________________ the behavior of people who hold themselves to be better than everyone else and don't value others' ____________________ . Like Narcissus , many are ____________________ to suffer a sad ____________________ if they cannot get over their self - importance .