New Activity
Play Fill in the Blanks Game
Jamail is a software engineer who is animating a new soccer computer game . The visible light from the computer screen , which is only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy , has two physical characteristics : the distance from one wave peak to the next is its ____________________ , which determines the ____________________ ? for example , the blue shorts and green background Jamail has chosen for his animation ? and the height , or ____________________ of the wave , which determines the amount of energy in a light wave , or its ____________________ , which we perceive as brightness . For Jamail's eyes to see , they must transform particles of light energy into colorful objects in this sequence : Light enters Jamail's eyes through the protective ____________________ and then passes through a small opening , the ____________________ , which is regulated by a colored muscle , the ____________________ . Next , light passes through the ____________________ which focuses the light on the eye's ____________________ . When the image from the computer screen reaches Jamail's retina , it stimulates two receptor cells : the ____________________ , in the periphery , for black - and - white vision , and the ____________________ , in the fovea , for color vision , which stimulate the ____________________ cells , which then activate the ____________________ cells , whose axons form the ____________________ nerve that carries information to Jamail's ____________________ and then , finally , on to be processed in the ____________________ lobe .