His activities

  • Dictation Game

    At the Doctor's

    Dictation Game

    Listen to the dialogue. Type each sentence in a separate line. Mind your capitals.

  • Crossword Puzzle

    ACII- Vocabulary

    Crossword Puzzle

    Students search for terms they have seen by themes.

  • Video Quiz

    International Food

    Video Quiz

    The students will answer about a famous market in South London. It is based on New Headway Beginner series.

  • Dialogue Game

    At the hotel

    Dialogue Game

    This is a dialogue practice.

  • Quiz

    It is an exercise to get users to infer clues.

  • Riddle

    It is an exercise about a riddle.

  • Unscramble Letters Game

    Spell it right.

    Unscramble Letters Game

    This is an exercise in which a jumbled word has to be spelled correctly.

  • Unscramble Words Game

    Emily Dickinson 's Poem

    Unscramble Words Game

    An exercise in which sentences are re- arranged to form the poem " My Life Closed Twice"

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Days and months.

    Word Search Puzzle

    Search for days and months.

  • Map Quiz

    School objects

    Map Quiz

    This is an activity of identification of school objects.

  • Video Quiz

    The Station

    Video Quiz

    This is a quiz on a New Headway Pre Intermediate video.

  • Matching Game

    This is an interaction activity in which minimal pairs are matched.

  • Fill in the Blanks Game

    Pope Francis

    Fill in the Blanks Game

    This is an exercise for gap filling.

  • Slideshow

    Verb to be


    This is a chart with the conjugation of the verb in the simple present tense.

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Jobs and Professions

    Crossword Puzzle

    This is an activity dealing with vocabulary terms related to jobs and professions.