Her activities

  • Matching Columns Game

    Let's check knowledge

    Matching Columns Game

    Match the appropriate description with the corresponding animal.

  • Fill in the Blanks Game

    Fill in the gaps activity

    Fill in the Blanks Game

    Based on the reading complete the following sentences

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Vertebrate Animals

    Word Search Puzzle

    You will find some hidden words about vertebrate animals and some of their characteristics.

  • Word Search Puzzle

    The environment

    Word Search Puzzle

    You will have a list with the animals that you studied in the last class. You must find and choose them in the puzzle.

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Knowledge basket

    Word Search Puzzle

    In the following alphabet soup you will find some words related to the last topic that was human rights, and some ground rules. Please choose them, use pencil colors.