Her activities

  • Matching Columns Game

    Relative Clauses

    Matching Columns Game

    Learn about relative clauses in a fun way...

  • Unscramble Words Game


    Unscramble Words Game

    Learn about comparatives in a didactic way...

  • Slideshow



    Learn about superlatives in a didactic way...

  • Map Quiz

    Learn about informative questions in a fun and dynamic way...

  • Riddle

    Learn about the present continuous in a fun and dynamic way...

  • Fill in the Blanks Game

    Simple Present

    Fill in the Blanks Game

    Learn about the simple present in a dynamic and fun way...

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Past Simple

    Word Search Puzzle

    Learn about simple past dynamically...

  • Quiz

    Learn about continuous past dynamically...

  • Unscramble Letters Game

    Modal Verbs

    Unscramble Letters Game

    Learn about modal verbs in a dynamic way...

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Expressions Of Quantity

    Crossword Puzzle

    Learn in a fun way about quantity expressions...