Her activities

  • Crossword Puzzle


    Crossword Puzzle

    perform the crosswords

  • ABC Game


    ABC Game

    this game tries to find the words with their respective lyrics

  • Matching Columns Game

    relate columns

    Matching Columns Game

    This game tries to relate the indicated thing with the correct answer

  • Quiz

    the test


    complete the test

  • Unscramble Letters Game

    order letters

    Unscramble Letters Game

    order the letters to conform the word

  • Fill in the Blanks Game


    Fill in the Blanks Game

    fill in the spaces to complete the sentence

  • Crossword Puzzle


    Crossword Puzzle

    find the right words to complete the crossword

  • Memory Game

    relate image

    Memory Game

    identify the image

  • Matching Game


    Matching Game

    relate each term with the correct one

  • Word Search Puzzle

    the modals

    Word Search Puzzle

    This game is based on manners, you must find the words related to the theme