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  • Quiz

    Greetings dear students! After you have looked for the adjectives to describe short stories in the Word Search and after you wrote the correct words and definitions in the Crossword Puzzle, it's time ...

  • Video Quiz

    Hello again, dear students! This is the description of your second Oral Task. With this I will make sure that you have all understood the instructions to carry out your task and complete your assignme...

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Definitions Unit 8

    Crossword Puzzle

    Hello dear students! This is another practice in which you will practice your knowledge of the new vocabulary from Unit 8. The definitions are given, and on p.98 of your books you will find the possib...

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Adjectives for short stories

    Word Search Puzzle

    These are some adjectives that you can use to describe short stories. Find them in this Word Search. Begin to think about what they can mean and get ready for the coming exercises....

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Técnicas de traducción

    Word Search Puzzle

    Existe una diversidad de técnicas de las que el traductor o intérprete se puede auxiliar para poder transmitir un mensaje de un idioma a otro, reteniendo siempre el significado de éste y manteniendo l...