His activities

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Pet First Aid Kit Items

    Word Search Puzzle

    Creating a pet first aid kit will help you deal with minor illnesses or injuries that can occur in your pet's life. Do you know what should be in your kit? Find the items to create a basic kit. Always...

  • Matching Columns Game

    Dog & Cat Care Matching Game

    Matching Columns Game

    Match each pet care item with the correct word. These items will help owners care for their dogs and cats.

  • Slideshow

    These animals are waiting for their forever homes. Help the adoption counselors figure out the homes that will be the "best fit" for them.

  • Memory Game

    Adopting a dog is an exciting adventure! You will have many smiles and fun with your new furry friend. Let's look at some important things you will need to help your dog live a happy and healthy life....

  • Memory Game

    Match the animal or picture with the correct word or feeling card. Some of the pictures show safe animals to interact with and some show unsafe animals or actions. Animals communicate how they are...