Her activities

  • Matching Columns Game

    General Vocabulary

    Matching Columns Game

    The main goal of this activity is to match English words with its meaning in spanish.

  • Crossword Puzzle


    Crossword Puzzle

    According to the perfect tense do the following crossword puzzles

  • Word Search Puzzle


    Word Search Puzzle

    Making this exercises about greeting with you already had learned

  • Quiz

    This an easy but interesting test to look your knowledge about daily routine topic

  • Quiz

    It spokes about personality, it`s an short test about dialogue listend before, where is spoking Tim and Zuleiny

  • Crossword Puzzle


    Crossword Puzzle

    This crossword is for practicing and impruve your english learning.

  • Matching Game

    Family member

    Matching Game

    Learn enjoying this exercise