His activities

  • Unscramble Words Game

    Create a Sentence

    Unscramble Words Game

    This is a very short activity that consist in put the words in the correct form to create a sentence

  • Matching Game

    Colors test

    Matching Game

    Choose the name of the colors, and when you finish this choose the other words to finish the activity

  • Fill in the Blanks Game

    Complete the dialog

    Fill in the Blanks Game

    Only you need to complete the dialog with the correct words

  • Quiz

    This is a very short test of tag questions,the idea is that you write the correct tag question in the line

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Verbs in English

    Word Search Puzzle

    This is a very easy exercice, i upload this activity on my blog.The idea is thah you found the past form this Verbs "Build,Love,Play,Work,Eat,Live,Cook