His activities

  • Matching Game

    Vegetables and fruits

    Matching Game

    Healthy food

  • Unscramble Letters Game

    Wild Animals

    Unscramble Letters Game

    Names of some wild animals around the world.

  • Unscramble Words Game

    Jumbled Sentences

    Unscramble Words Game

    It is about ordering words

  • Word Search Puzzle

    Letter Soup

    Word Search Puzzle

    It is about looking for the words inside of the box

  • Crossword Puzzle


    Crossword Puzzle

    It is about simple present

  • Dialogue Game


    Dialogue Game

    It is a conversation between two persons

  • Dictation Game

    The Moon

    Dictation Game

    listen to the audio and write what you listen

  • Fill in the Blanks Game

    A Word with Many Meanings

    Fill in the Blanks Game

    This activity is about adjectives clauses (that, who)