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Fill in the Blanks Game

Complete the following sentences using: “IS – ARE – ISN´T – AM – AREN´T”
1. The girl ______ walking and Juancho ________ running after her.
2. Juancho _______ wearing jeans and a Blue t-shirt.
3. Juancho´s pronunciation “persuachyon” ________ correct.
4. The cowboys _________ riding horses.
5. “COMAN MAMEY!” ________ “_____ _____ ________” (DAY- MAKE – MY).
6. “AY DON SINK SO” ______ “ ____ ______ ___________ ____” (SO – I – THINK – DON´T).
7. Cowboys ______ laughing because Juancho´s pronunciation.
8. Alan from Mississippi _______ a caller man.
9. Write in English: “YO NO SOY YO”: ___ ____ ____ ____ (ME AM I NOT).
10. Yenny _______ a top model from Miami.
11. One of the Juancho´s teacher ______ an American football player.
12. Juancho _______ making a song.
complete the sentences with the correct words Recommended age: 12 years old
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