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Where does wind comes from

Fill in the Blanks Game

The world's atmosphere is forever on the move. Wind is air in motion. Sometimes air moves slowly, giving
a gentle breeze. At other times it moves rapidly creating gales and hurricanes. Gentle or fierce, wind
always starts in the same way. As the sun moves through the sky, it heats up some parts of the sea and
land more than others.
The air above these hot spots is warmed, becomes lighter than the surrounding air, and begins to rise.
Elsewhere, cool air sinks, because it's heavier. Winds blow because- air squeezed out by sinking, cold air
is sucked in under rising, warm air. Winds will blow wherever there is a difference in air temperature and
language K4 where does winds comes from Recommended age: 4 years old
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Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan
United States
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