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Herbal Actions

Matching Columns Game

Herbs are plants that grow all around us, and which have benefits to our health. Historically, plants were used as medicine, because that’s what was available – and it worked. They are recognized by the body as food, and they support what the body is doing to heal itself. This is why they work, and typically don’t cause side effects. (Though there are herbs that can be dangerous or toxic if used incorrectly.)

Herbs are not just one chemical. They are combinations of many different chemicals that work synergistically. Some even have opposing actions! They can be both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory, for example. Herbs’ action on the body will change, depending on what it is your body needs. They are both gentle, and powerful.

This activity has some herbal actions. Match the action with it's definition.

Created by

De Kirk
De Kirk
United States
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    Vanessa Parisi
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    De Kirk
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  1. Vanessa Parisi
    Thanks for making this game! I am currently learning Herbal actions in my Materia Medica class and this has helped!
    September 24, 2019 02:00
  1. time