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Article to return to classes

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There are many essential items for the return to school, but sometimes we forget one and at school the little ones are the ones who suffer, make sure you have the basics by following this list.
Pencil sharpeners, scissors and rubber: These are three very necessary and widely used items. The pencil sharpeners can have original and different designs, the scissors must be purchased with a round tip to avoid accidents and you can acquire original rubber bands of figures or characters that your children like.
A basic dictionary of our language or the language you are learning should be indispensable in the backpack in order to know the meaning of those words that you do not yet know and need to learn.
The crayons are basic for the school, you can choose the traditional or even crayons.
Pencils and pens, to take notes are basic always, do not forget to buy several so that they never miss and do not have problems in school for not taking notes.
Notebooks, It depends on the school, teachers and subjects, sometimes a special notebook by subject or perhaps a folder.
Backpacks Obviously this is essential to be able to keep all the tools and even the sweater or jacket in cold weather, choose a resistant backpack, that you like and also that it is comfortable and wide to keep everything and not hurt your shoulders
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Mercedes Hernandez
Mercedes Hernandez
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