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Mrs. Vicky office


Mrs. Vicky’s office in on the tenth floor of a tall building. It is not large, but it is very comfortable. There are two large windows that face the street. On the gray walls there are some posters of Mexico in bright colors and a map of Mexico.
On the desk, near the blue door, there is a computer. Next to it are the red mouse and the printer with a lot of white papers. Between the two windows there is a long green table. On the table there are newspaper and magazines.
Mrs. Vicky, who is seated behind her desk when Mr. Lopez enters the office, gets up and goes to greet him.
Good afternoon, Mr., Lopez. I am glad to see you.
The pleasure is mine. How are you?
Very well, thank you.
Your office is beautiful. What great colors! I like this modern black telephone with its yellow answering machine. Yes, there are three messages on the answering machine. I answer them by e-mail. By the way, what is your e- mail address?
My goodness, it’s one o’clock! That’s why I am so hungry. Are you not hungry?
Yes, I am also hungry.
Good. Not far from here there is a good restaurant.
Well, let’s go!

language HS4 reading comprehension Recommended age: 17 years old
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Rosmary Vargas
Rosmary Vargas
United States
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